Rolcon grooved conveyor rollers are perfect for line shaft conveyors or for systems that utilize motorized conveyor rollers as the driving device and grooved rollers as the slave roller. Although single and double grooved rollers are by far the most popular type of roller, Rolcon can locate grooves anywhere along the roller and/or put multiple grooves on one roller.


  • Locate grooves anywhere along the roller
  • Galvanized steel tube standard
  • Standard bearings or precision bearings available
  • Spring-loaded on both ends
  • Crimped tube ends to secure bearings
  • Conductive bushing and bearing cap
  • Technical Specifications
  • Groove Depth: .185 – .200 deep to accommodate a 3/16” or 5mm dia. belt.
  • Groove Location: Minimum length 1-1/2” from side of frame
  • ¾” minimum between grooves.