Rolcon is a proud manufacturer of American-made conveyor parts. Since 1988, we have provided conveyor components to businesses in multiple fields. Our team specializes in manufacturing conveyor roller technology that delivers exceptional quality and performance.

Many industries beyond material handling rely on conveyor systems. Air cargo/airports, battery production, conveyor manufacturing, food and beverage, and others often use standard rollers, while companies in equipment and machinery — particularly OEMs and custom fabrication shops — frequently use custom rollers. 

With our custom manufacturing, Rolcon will ensure every aspect of your conveyor system meets your industry’s standards.

How We Help Business Operations

Every company’s procedures are unique. We pride ourselves on our ability to engineer, produce and deliver the exact components OEMs and other companies need for their specific applications.

Our team can:

  • Engineer custom conveyor rollers for your specific applications. 
  • Overcome any challenges using troubleshooting, analysis and custom solutions. 
  • Provide comprehensive product information related to the conveyor roller types, capabilities and pricing. 

Our customized products work with a comprehensive list of conveyor systems and can extend the life of your existing setup.

Our Available Products

Rolcon has a range of products to provide optimal performance from your conveyor system. Since we manufacture and inspect our own rollers and other components in-house, we maintain tight control over their quality. 

Our product line includes:

  • Rollers: We manufacture standard rollers with diameters between 3/4″ and 2 1/2″.  If the standard size does not fit, we can also provide custom rollers to meet your unique application. Our custom rollers are ideal for OEM orders.
  • Components: We carry sprockets and roller bearings to fit our other products or your existing machinery. 
  • Pulleys: Pulleys come in materials such as steel, stainless steel and rubber. We carry economy and heavy-duty pulleys to suit various applications. 
  • Custom solutions: We work closely with OEMs to provide quality custom rollers for their unique applications. Work with Rolcon and get suitable replacement rollers for any industry or conveyor system.

Why Choose Rolcon? 

Our team takes the time to discuss your application and work with you to select and deliver suitable rollers and components for your conveyor system. Our products provide excellent longevity and performance, and we back them with ongoing service and support. 

When you work with Rolcon, you receive: 

  • Improved performance: Our rollers and components can extend the life span of your existing conveyor system. Rolcon parts help reduce vibrations, minimize wear and lower the amount of noise in the workplace to levels that meet or exceed Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements. 
  • Fast shipping: Most orders ship within a week of purchase. We have expedited shipping options available so you can receive your order even faster. 
  • Expert service: We work alongside you from start to finish to ensure your conveyor operates at peak performance. Whether it’s a standard conveyor roller or a custom application, our experts can answer your questions and provide information for your application.

Learn More About How Rolcon Can Help Your Business

If you need help finding the right part for your industry, we can help. Browse our industry service pages, contact us online or give us a call at  513-821-7259 to get started.