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Distribution Warehouse industry serviced by Rolcon

Conveyor Rollers in the Distribution Industry

When used in warehouses and distribution centers, conveyor systems receive, distribute and dispatch products or packages. Each conveyor system relies on its rollers working in tandem, occasionally requiring you to replace worn or broken rollers.

Conveyor Rollers for Distribution Centers and Warehouses

Whether you require a replacement conveyor roller for a gravity or power conveyor, Rolcon will manufacture custom rollers that will extend your system’s lifecycle and ensure your new rollers are suitable for your material handling applications. Additional benefits of our conveyor rollers include reducing noise levels and vibrations and increasing overall efficiency. They are spring-loaded on both ends for quick and easy installation. We also manufacture a unique roller called the Framesaver designed to prevent frame wear.

As an innovative and customer-first company, we can assist you in choosing custom distribution center conveyor rollers for your applications. We work with you to ensure our conveyor components for warehouses meet your size and design specifications.

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Distribution Warehouse industry serviced by Rolcon

Warehouse and Distribution Center Conveyor Roller Applications

Material handling systems vary by industry, and their applications differ depending on whether you are receiving, shipping or packing.

Sorting Systems

Conveyor systems cut costs by streamlining and automating the sorting process, reducing double handling and lessening product damage. Case sorters transport cases and tote orders, reducing manual involvement. Meanwhile, unit sorters handle individual products or items. There are also variances in speed depending on the volume of items sorted. Depending on your applications, you may have slow-speed, medium-speed or high-speed sorting systems.

Pallet Conveyors

Pallet conveyors are multidisciplinary and feature single or double sprockets welded to the roller tube. The single sprocket is suitable for lighter items, while double sprockets can handle heavier loads such as pallets. Our economical pallet rollers are made of galvanized steel and spring-loaded on both ends.

Gravity Rollers

Gravity roller conveyors are low-speed, nonpowered solutions for moving goods and materials, so the rollers rely on gravity to do the heavy lifting. We manufacture gravity rollers designed for light and heavy loads, and they are available with plastic sleeves or rubber coatings.

Why Work With Rolcon Rollers?

We are a team of professional engineers and technicians that have been dedicated to quality, innovative conveyor manufacturing solutions since 1988. For more than 30 years, we’ve added value to multiple industries, and we offer various manufacturing services in addition to our conveyor roller replacements for warehouses.

Our forward-thinking approach led us to be the first roller manufacturer to spring load both ends of the conveyor roller, and we patented the frame-saving cartridge bearing assembly. We continue to set ourselves apart from the competition by manufacturing high-quality, dependable custom replacement rollers for powered and nonpowered conveyors.

We are a customer-first manufacturer, meaning we value the input and concerns you have with everything from pricing to lead times. Our team is happy to troubleshoot and find solutions that work for you, your machinery and your budget. Beyond our customer service, we offer competitive prices and expedited shipping options.

Questions About Conveyor Replacement Parts For Your Warehouse or Distribution Center?

We can manufacture a warehouse conveyor roller to fit your unique sorting and conveyor system specifications. Whether you transport heavier or lighter loads, Rolcon will work with you to ensure our solutions meet your material handling needs. Contact us today!