General Information

Conveyor Roller Bearings

Rolcon uses a variety of different conveyor roller bearings depending on the application in the conveyor system. Generally, 4 different styles are offered:

Precision Bearings
Precision bearings are standard in Rolcon conveyor rollers. These bearings are suitable for any conveyor system speed but are typically used when speeds exceed 400 rpm or when conveying heavy material handling loads across the conveyor system. These bearings have hardened and ground balls, raceways, and retainers. They are available shielded or sealed. These are ABEC-1 bearings and come either grease-packed or oiled.

Semi-Precision Bearings
Semi-Precision bearings are typically used for higher speed conveyor system applications up to about 400 rpm. These bearings have hardened raceways and hardened steel balls with a retainer to separate the balls. Generally, give longer life and are quieter than non-precision.

Non-Precision Bearings
Non-precision bearings are typically used for slow to moderate speed conveyor system applications. These bearings have stamped outer races, carbon steel balls, and ground raceways. As a rule of thumb, they do not last as long and are noisier than precision and semi-precision bearings.

Commercial Grade Stainless Steel
These bearings are used for conveyor rollers that are going into a conveyor system in corrosive material handling environments. Machined raceways and series 300 stainless steel balls are good for light to moderate loads and can be used for high-speed conveyor systems.

Roller Axle Construction

Spring Retained Axle

All Rolcon conveyor rollers are double spring retained. This is achieved by making two nicks on the roller axle and installing a spring between the nick and the roller bearing. This allows for ease of installation in the conveyor system since both sides of the axle are free to move.

Pin or Ring Retained Axle


This axle has a hole drilled in each end to accept cotter pins or hog rings. Pin retained axles are offered on all sizes of Rolcon conveyor rollers.

Conveyor Roller Construction



This is the standard way in which a Rolcon conveyor roller is assembled. The roller tube is crimped down over the roller bearing to hold it in place. The bearings are not replaceable when made in this manner.



On some of the heavier gauged tubing, the roller tube needs to be bored to accept the roller bearing. The bearing is then held in place by a press fit.



This conveyor roller utilizes a roller bearing that is pressed into an adapter. The adapter is then press fit into the roller tube. In some cases the adapter will be crimped.

Conveyor Rollers With Sprockets


Rolcon utilizes standard type A sprockets for our Chain Driven Conveyor Rollers. Other sprockets are available upon request. The sprockets are welded to the conveyor roller for use in Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor Systems. Single and multiple sprockets are available. Location of sprockets, chain size, and number of teeth must be specified. Sprockets may also be purchased individually.

Conveyor Rollers With Grooves


Rollers can be grooved to accommodate drive belts and rollers used for handling materials on line shaft conveyors. The location of the groove must be specified. Standard roller diameters are 1 3/8, 1 5/8, and 1.9.

Tapered Conveyor Rollers

Rolcon offers tapered conveyor rollers in a variety of sizes. Please contact us for price and availability.

Conveyor Rollers With Special Coverings

Rollers are available with a variety of coverings. 1/8” thick Kastalon sleeving is the standard sleeving used on Rolcon conveyor rollers. Different materials, thicknesses, and durometers are available upon request. Contact us to see the availability of a special conveyor roller covering that suits the needs of material handling on your conveyor system.

Conveyor Rollers With Lagging

Rollers are available with various types of lagging. Contact us for options.

Conveyor Roller Selection and Load Capacities

The roller capacity refers to the maximum load a single roller can support on the conveyor system. Load capacities listed are based on the between frame length of the conveyor roller, actual load ratings for the roller bearing, tube deflection and shaft deflection. Load capacities for precision roller bearings allow for 3/4 of a degree of shaft deflection at the bearing. For commercial unground bearings it is 1 degree. When selecting a roller for a specific material handling application, a good rule of thumb is to allow 25% more capacity than the heaviest product being conveyed. To ensure smooth conveyance of product, Rolcon recommends that a minimum of 3 conveyor rollers be in contact with the conveyed product at all times.

Rolcon Conveyor Roller Limited Warranty, Disclaimer and Limitation of Remedies

Rolcon guarantees each product against defects in material and workmanship for 1 year. If products fail to perform as warranted, Rolcon will repair or replace, at our option. We will not assume any liability for damages, labor, delays, or any other charges. We make no other warranty, expressed or implied.

Rolcon reserves the right to make design changes and improvements to our products at any time without notice or assuming any obligations to incorporate changes and improvements in products previously sold nor to replace previously sold products with these changes and improvements.

Rolcon reserves the right to discontinue any product without notice.

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