Conveyor Rollers for Airports

airport conveyor with luggage on it

Rolcon works with airports to provide conveyor rollers for handling luggage and cargo. Use one of our replacement cargo conveyor rollers to maintain various systems:

  • Transport conveyor
  • Chute and roller conveyor
  • Baggage and passenger screening conveyor
  • Plough merge
  • Power turn
  • Spiral turn
  • Vertical sorter
  • Ticket and check-in conveyor
  • Merges
  • Make-up carousel
  • High-speed diverter
  • Queue conveyor
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airport conveyor with luggage on it

Types of Conveyor Rollers Used in Airport Cargo Handling Conveyor Roller Applications

Rolcon manufactures several replacement cargo conveyor rollers for airports, including:

Gravity Rollers

Our gravity rollers use commercial-grade bearings and have several other options available, like axle styles and coatings. This cargo roller is ideal for low-speed and gravity feed conveyor systems where noise and speed are not priorities. Tube diameter sizes range from 1 3/8 inches to 2 1/2 inches, and tubing material options include various gauges of raw, galvanized and plain steel or aluminum.

Stainless Steel Rollers

Our stainless steel replacement rollers are some of the most common cargo floor roller options for the airport industry. These rollers feature tubes, axles and bearings made from quality materials for wash-down, corrosive and caustic environments. Both ends are spring-loaded to make installing replacement rollers easier. We use 304-grade stainless steel due to its excellent corrosion resistance properties.

Custom Conveyor Rollers

If an airport conveyor system has unique specifications for its replacement rollers, Rolcon can design a custom solution. We have years of experience with materials and design, so you’ll receive cargo rollers made for your applications.

You can choose the component materials for the tubing, bearings and axles and other options, like the design of the axles and sprockets. Our application specialists can discuss these options with you to make sure your custom cargo floor rollers perform well in the designated area of the airport.

Why Work With Rolcon?

We have been an industry leader in manufacturing rollers for conveyor systems since 1988. Rolcon offers rollers and several conveyor components to improve your operations. Professionals in the air cargo industry and others choose Rolcon because:

  • We innovate: We combine expertise and cutting-edge capabilities to find creative problems for your conveyor parts needs. Many of our original conveyor designs are now the industry standard.
  • We have exceptional customer service: Our team strives to provide personal care for your application, like finding the solution that works for your business. We’ll walk you through our availability and pricing options to help you decide which cargo floor rollers your airport needs.
  • We provide fast service: Rolcon offers expedited shipping so you can get your materials faster. With excellent customer service, you get the parts and answers you need as quickly as possible.

Keep Cargo Handling Equipment in Working Order With Replacement Conveyor Rollers by Rolcon

Rolcon has the cargo rollers your airport needs for efficiently handling air cargo and passenger luggage. We offer standard products and custom solutions, so you’ll get the best solution for your application.

Get an estimate for your cargo rollers by filling out our quote request form. If you have further questions about conveyor rollers for airports, contact us today.