The Rolcon Difference

When choosing your conveyor manufacturer, you want products and services that will last you a lifetime. Rolcon has been an industry leader since 1988, when we started creating quality rollers to enhance conveyor systems. We now offer a range of conveyor components and services to improve your current conveyor system.

Rolcon has a team of professionals, including sales representatives, engineers and technicians. We provide lasting products and results so you can maximize each purchase. Learn more about the Rolcon Difference and how we stand out from competitors.

What Makes Us Different?

We set ourselves apart from other manufacturers with our products and customer service. Our values allow us to find the best solutions for every client:

Forward-Thinking Advancements

Rolcon values innovation. We became the first conveyor company to spring load each end of a roller, which later became the industry standard. We were also the first to develop the patented frame-saving cartridge bearing assembly for enhanced productivity.

We pride ourselves on innovation and taking steps in new and improved directions. Our multi-industry experience helps us better understand all operations’ needs to solve your issues creatively, no matter how big or small.

Problem-Solving Support

Our mission is to find a solution that works for your business, whether that involves a custom-sized roller or an improved lead time. Our team specializes in personalized care that benefits your application. Finding what works for your business is our top priority.

Pricing, availability and applications are some of the most common questions we answer for each client. Our team is always happy to work through your concerns and give you thorough information. We treat each client as a partner and aim to fulfill your conveyor system’s needs as best as we can.

Rolcon-Specific Benefits

Part of the Rolcon experience is receiving lasting results. We will improve your existing system to last longer and perform better. We can help you with various solutions that tackle common problems by:

  • Improving costs by extending your current system’s life.
  • Reducing vibrations throughout the system, which prevents wear on other necessary machine parts.
  • Solving noise problems by improving overall performance, which assists with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance.
  • Offering expedited shipping so you can get your materials quickly.
  • Creating custom conveyor rollers for any application.

If you want to learn more about delivery, application or cost, we are here to help. Rolcon improves your current conveyor system with quality parts and personalized services.

Experience the Rolcon Difference Firsthand

Find out how we can get you on the path to the perfect conveyor system for your business. At Rolcon, we understand that every operation is unique. Every business operates under different industry and company guidelines. We design our custom solutions to give you exactly what you need to get the job done.

Learn More About the Rolcon Difference

To learn more about our conveyor solutions, contact us online to speak with our team of experts. Together, we can create a customized system that best fits your business.