Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing

Equipment and machinery manufacturing industry serviced by Rolcon

Conveyor Rollers for Equipment Manufacturers

Rolcon manufactures replacement conveyor rollers for production plants. Choose one of our many standard roller options to find the right solution for your application. We also offer custom rollers tailored to your specifications. You can choose the tubing material, bearing and axle material. Whether you have a standard or custom conveyor system, our solutions will support your manufacturing processes for various machinery types.

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Equipment and machinery manufacturing industry serviced by Rolcon

Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing Conveyor Roller Applications

Rolcon works with many equipment manufacturers to design and produce the ideal conveyor rollers for their needs. Our manufacturing conveyor rollers can be used in these environments:

Industrial Factory Equipment

Conveyor rollers are ideal for light- and medium-duty unpowered tasks in manufacturing. They can transport bulky items like totes and boxes, eliminating manual effort.

Rolcon manufactures replacement gravity rollers used in low-speed and gravity-feed conveyor systems. The low-friction bearings start rolling easily and rotate smoothly. To ensure your new production plant conveyors rollers suit your system, you can choose the tubing material, coating and axle styles.

If you need rollers that operate quietly, select framesaver conveyor rollers to reduce system frame wear while reducing noise levels. Use this roller style in high-speed applications in industrial factories.

Agriculture Equipment

The agriculture industry benefits from conveyor rollers for production plants. You can use conveyor systems to handle and transport:

  • Feed
  • Firewood
  • Grain
  • Harvested goods
  • Soil substrate
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Trays and pots for plants

Rolcon offers replacement pallet rollers that use a chain-and-sprocket system to move materials along a conveyor line. These galvanized steel tubes feature crimped tube ends and diameters of 1.9 inches or 2.5 inches.

Packaging Equipment

Our production plant conveyor rollers are suitable for packaging applications. The conveyor system can work with equipment like shrink wrap machines to keep the products moving along the production line. Automating production with manufacturing conveyor rollers can make the process more efficient.

Our stainless steel rollers are ideal for caustic environments due to their corrosion resistance. We manufacture them from 304-grade stainless steel and offer various tube, bearing and axle options.

Why Work With Rolcon?

Rolcon has been the industry leader in replacement conveyor roller production since 1988. We manufacture quality rollers for conveyor systems in many industries. Beyond our capabilities to make standard and custom rollers, partnering with us has many benefits:

  • We’re innovation-focused: We look for creative solutions that meet your needs while advancing in a new direction and extending your system’s life.
  • We provide exceptional customer service: Rolcon offers problem-solving support backed by decades of expertise to find the right replacement rollers for your business.
  • Our parts are durable and reliable: We have years of experience with materials and design for conveyors, resulting in components you can rely on for years to come.

Keep Your Manufacturing Equipment in Working Order With Replacement Conveyor Rollers by Rolcon

Rolcon manufactures conveyor rollers for production plants in standard and custom configurations. Our team will help you find the right conveyor system for your application and ensure every part meets your quality standards.

Request a quote online to get an estimate for your manufacturing conveyor rollers today. You may also get more information by contacting us to speak with a representative.