Between Frame Dimensions – The Most Critical Roller Measurement

In a previous post The Importance of Measuring Your Conveyor Roller, I wrote about the 4 dimensions you need in order to get a replacement conveyor roller that will fit properly.  Of the four dimensions, the most critical is the between frame dimension. Getting this dimension right will ensure your replacement conveyor roller will fit.

When measuring the between frame dimension, commonly referenced as the BF, you will always want to (if possible) measure from the frame of the conveyor system you are wanting to upgrade. The reason for this is that the frame is a static dimension.  It doesn’t change.

You will often hear manufacturers say they want the dimension as measured from inside the frame to inside the frame.  This refers to the innermost part of the conveyor frame where the roller will slide in.

Here is a drawing of what we mean by “inside the frame to inside the frame”.

Because there is not a “standard” when it comes to manufacturing conveyor rollers, every manufacturer has slightly different dimensions for their rollers. The tube length, overall length, and axle length can all be different depending on the roller manufacturer. The conveyor frame itself does not change.  That is why when measuring for replacement conveyor rollers, always provide the BF (between frame) dimension as measured from “inside the frame to inside the frame”.  The manufacturer will build the roller according to that dimension and you can rest assured your new rollers will fit.

So, what if you only have the conveyor roller and you don’t have access to the conveyor system…can you still be confident that your replacement roller will fit? The answer is yes you can! I will be covering that in another post.

Another resource from Rolcon that you can print is How To Measure A Conveyor Roller.