The Importance of Measuring Your Conveyor Roller

The most important consideration when looking at replacing conveyor rollers is making sure the roller is measured properly.  In most cases, the name of the manufacturer of the roller is not needed, but knowing how to properly measure a conveyor roller and what dimensions are most critical will insure that the conveyor roller will fit.

For standard conveyor rollers, there are really just 3 dimensions that we would need and they are:

  • The between frame dimension as measured from inside the frame to inside the frame.
  • The diameter of the roller as measured on the outside of the tube.
  • The axle diameter and length.

It is important to note that whenever possible it is best to take the measurements of a roller while it is still in the frame.  The reason this is important is the frame is a static reference point that won’t change.  Because manufacturers use different bearings in their rollers the overall length of a roller can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

By measuring off the frame, you can be confident the roller you are replacing will fit properly the first time.  For a more detailed discussion see our “How to Properly Measure Your Conveyor Roller” on the website.