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Gravity Roller – Unknown


Gravity conveyor rollers are best suited for non powered applications or where your conveyor speed is less than 200 feet per minute.

These rollers are very configurable and can be customized to fit your needs. Many options are available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

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Tube Diameter: Unknown
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Tube Material: .25 Gauge Raw Steel, 11 Gauge Galvanized, 11 Gauge Raw Steel, 11 Gauge s.s., 12 Gauge Plain Steel, 12 Gauge s.s., 14 Gauge Raw Steel, 16 Gauge Alum, 16 Gauge Galvanized, 16 Gauge s.s., 18 Gauge 304 s.s., 18 Gauge Galvanized, 18 Gauge Plain Steel, 3/16 Gauge Raw Steel, 6 Gauge Plain Steel, 9 Gauge Plain Steel, 9 Gauge s.s., Unknown
Axle: 1/2 Round c.r.s., 1/4 Round c.r.s., 1/4 Round s.s., 11/16 Hex c.r.s., 11/16 Hex s.s., 3/4 Round c.r.s., 5/16 Hex c.r.s., 5/16 Hex s.s., 5/16 Round c.r.s., 5/16 Round s.s., 5/8 Hex c.r.s., 7/16 hex c.r.s., 7/16 Hex s.s., Unknown
Bearing: Unground Non-Precision crimped, Unground Non-Precision Press-Fit, Unknown
Between Frame Measurement: 4 through 80
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