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Heavy Duty Conveyor Pulleys

Heavy Duty Series pulleys are designed for standard to medium duty belt conveyor applications where packaged goods are being conveyed. H Series pulleys are manufactured from medium or heavy wall tube or pipe and receive a machined crown when a crown is specified. Standard design features include:

  • Machined Crown Profiles
  • Available in Several Hub Styles
  • Heavier Construction

Technical Information

Diameter: 14″ through 36″

Max Bore: 2.25” through 6”

NOTE: Hub style availability will vary based on pulley configuration.

Conveyor systems which utilize v-guided conveyor belts require pulleys with v-groove profiles. The v-grooved profile in the pulley face is manufactured to allow for clearance of the v-guide around the circumference of the conveyor pulley. V-groove clearances are typically up to 1/4″ wider and a 1/16″ deeper than v-guide dimensions.

Contact surface impacts a number of application variables within a conveyor system. Unless otherwise specified, pulleys are furnished with a plain steel or mill finish comparable to that of a standard tube or pipe. The most common surface modifications are those designed to increase traction between the pulley and conveyor belt. Alternate contact surfaces may also be utilized to impact a pulley’s wear resistance, ease of cleaning, and general aesthetics.

We have an extensive capability to provide conveyor pulley shafts and custom shaft detailing for special applications. Standard carbon steel materials include 1018, 1045 and 1144 with additional options such as Turned, Ground and Polished (TG&P) and fully keyed available in many diameters. We can custom machine any of these materials to incorporate many details and additional specifications: