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Roller Bearings

All Rolcon roller bearing assemblies are available separately.

Rolcon uses a variety of bearings in our rollers and bearing assemblies. Bearings may be purchased separately or as an assembly. Choose the roller bearing assembly that meets your specific material handling requirements. The assembly usually consists of an adapter and bushing that allows you to push it into the end of a roller tube. Consult Rolcon to determine the bearing assembly that best fits your needs: shaft deflection, low noise, high load, long life, dirt and dust protection, and water resistance.

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Low Cost and Tolerant of Shaft Deflection

Commercial Unground Bearing
This is a simply designed bearing that is typically used in low speed applications where noise is not a consideration. Very tolerant of shaft deflection, this bearing is generally considered low cost.

Precise operation, low noise, high load, long life

ABEC-1 ZZ Shielded Precision Ball Bearing
This is a standard ABEC-1 Series 6000 and 6200 ball bearing. The ZZ has shields on both sides to provide protection from dirt and dust and is the standard bearing used in Rolcon rollers. This bearing offers precise operation, low noise, higher load capacity and a long life span.

Protection from dirt and dust, water resistance

ABEC-1 2RS Sealed Bearing
The 2RS has rubber contact seals on both sides to provide protection from dirt and dust and also provides water resistance.