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FS Series Conveyor Rollers FAQs

Q. Why should I consider the FS series roller?
A. The FS series roller was specifically designed to eliminate the two biggest problems conveyor systems have namely frame wear and excessive noise levels.
Q. What causes frame wear?
A. Every roller is unbalanced due to the tolerance of the tubing. No tube is completely straight or concentric. Because there must be a small clearance between the hex hole and axle, as the roller spins the axle rubs against the frame. The metal-to-metal contact eventually wears the frame and leads to premature wear and excessive noise.
Q. What is the axle stub made of?
A. The FS series axle stub is made of proprietary polyester type thermoplastic polyurethane. It is specifically designed to display excellent abrasion resistance, cut resistance and durability without wearing your frame.
Q. How long can I expect the FS series to last?

A. Our testing and field experience indicates that the FS series roller will actually last longer than a conventional roller because you don’t get the constant wear of metal to metal contact between the axle and frame.

Q. What is the weight capacity rating for the FS series roller?

A. The FS series is rated for 75 lbs. However, keep in mind that one roller never sees the complete load. For instance, a 100 lb. Box will usually rest on a minimum of 6 rollers so the effective weight that one roller will see is about 17 lbs.

Q. Is it safe for installers to walk on the FS series roller?

A. Yes. The axle stub is reinforced with a steel pin made of 1045 cold rolled steel, hardened to 40 R.C. The sheer strength of the pin exceeds 1,394 lbs. A 24” roller can support up to 850 lbs although the operating rating is 75 lbs. At 850 lbs the roller does not come out of the frame, the axle is just distorted to the point that the roller will not spin.

Q. Is the axle stub conductive?
A. No. The standard axle stub is not conductive. However, the dust cover and bearing housing are conductive. During normal course of operation when the dust cover comes in contact with the frame it displaces any static build up. Rolcon can provide a conductive axle stub if your application warrants it.
Q. What if my frames are already showing wear?
A. That is the best time to switch to the FS series. By installing FS series rollers you will stop the frames from further wear. You can effectively double the life of your existing conveyor system.
Q. Noise is a problem in our facility. What kind of noise reduction can I expect from the FS series?

A. Because the FS series uses ABEC-1 precision bearings and there is no metal-to-metal contact, you can expect to drop your noise levels on average 3 to 5 decibels. However we have customers report drops of as much as 10 decibels.

Q. Will I pay a premium for a FS series roller?

A. No. The FS series roller offers you all of the advantages at a cost to you of no more than you would pay for a conventional roller with comparable bearings.